About Royer Veterinary Services

Royer Veterinary Services has proudly been your full-service animal hospital and veterinarian in Worthington for everything pet-related since 2002.

(812) 875-8866

About Royer Veterinary Services

In addition to having a veterinarian and support personnel on duty six days a week, we’re also available as needed for emergency calls. We welcome walk-in appointments and extend a comprehensive range of services for your pet.

Our Pet-Friendly Team

Royer Veterinary Services is under the able direction of Drs. Scott Royer and Annette Rice. We care for many kinds of pets, including dogs, cats, rabbits, pocket pets, birds, reptiles, and even small farm animals. If you aren’t sure whether we can treat your animal, simply call us and ask.

In addition to routine medical and dental care and vaccinations, emergency care, injury treatment, and surgical services, we offer education on training, exercise, and nutrition for the ultimate wellness of your pet. You can also trust your pet to our grooming, boarding, and daycare services. We offer you the assurance you need that your pet will receive the love and quality care it deserves even when you can’t be there.

We’re also proud to offer discounted veterinary services to local rescue groups. Call us in advance to ask about qualifications to receive these discounts.

Emergency Care

As all pet owners know, the need for a veterinarian doesn’t always follow a pre-established schedule. Between appointments, your pet might urgently need our medical services. That’s why we’re open to your needs on an emergency basis seven days a week.

Simply call our emergency phone number 317-248-0832. Try to call before bringing your sick or injured pet in so that we’re prepared for the emergency on hand and can offer immediate advice. We always have at least one veterinarian and technician on duty so we can quickly address your pet’s needs.

Contact Us for Emergency Pet Services

To schedule an appointment with a veterinarian in Worthington, simply call Royer Veterinary Services at 812-875-8866.You can schedule an appointment six days a week, or find the emergency care your pet needs 24/7 by calling 317-248-0832. Your pet gives you so much joy and contentment. Return the favor by scheduling routine medical and dental check-ups, vaccinations, urgent, and emergency care at Royer Veterinary Services.